Monday, August 16, 2010

Bristol Bound!

If I make it through this week, we are heading to Tennessee Friday evening.  We will be attending the race at Bristol on Saturday night!  We've been to Bristol before, a few years ago...when we really kept up with NASCAR.  It's been quite some time since we've sat and watched a whole race on television.  I don't even know who to pull for anymore.  I used to be a Jeff Gordon fan.  I know some of you will cringe at that, but I loved him!  I think I'll just pull for Dale, Jr. now.  I know he's not on a winning streak or anything, but I just think he's cool.  We had to ask permission for Jordan to be excused from going with the high school band selling stuff for their Rose Parade trip on Saturday, and the band director said it would be okay, if we would cheer for Denny Hamlin.  I told him that we would do a special cheer just for him.  I don't know anything about Denny Hamlin, so what could it hurt, right? 
So, even though we haven't been keeping up with it, I hope the race is exciting.  Jordan and Chase have never been to a race, so I think they will enjoy it.  The reason we are going is that Kevin's boss gave him 8 tickets.  Just flat out gave them to him.  So, it's going to be us 4, Kevin's sister/brother-in-law, Kevin's brother & his son.  With all these people, how can we NOT have fun?!

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jennifer said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I've never attended a race but my husband has been to Talledega a couple of times.

Have a great trip and travel safe!