Sunday, August 15, 2010

Justin Family Update: Good News!!

Justin is working!!  It's a miracle!  Right now he is working through a staffing agency at a factory that makes industrial plastic playground equipment. The staffing agency said that it could develop into a permanent position.  But, today Justin called to tell me that he has a real live interview at another factory on Tuesday.  He is supposed to work that day, so he asked me what he should do.  I told him to call the staffing agency on his lunch tomorrow so that they could make arrangements for him to make his interview.  Yay! Things are looking up.  But, why is it that you can go for months and months without a job lead, and then you have two at the same time?!!  Crazy!  (But in a good way!)

Chelsea is still working at Ruby Tuesday.  She is about to begin attending college again.  That's about all that I know about her...except that she's extremely happy that Justin is working now.

Millie, sweet Millie.  She is jabbering, crawling, pulling up, and Justin told me that she can stand alone now.  She will be walking before we know it!  She is 9 months old now, and Justin started walking at 9 months. 
Here's a video that will make you laugh...

Have a great week!

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bettyl said...

It's great to hear the wonderful news about the job offers and the the giggles in the video are always so contagious!