Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Nice Weekend

I've had a nice, lazy weekend.  It's Sunday morning, and I haven't gone anywhere since Friday night.  I usually like to go thrift-store shopping or yard sale-ing on Saturday morning, but I'm broke right now.  Payday is Tuesday, the last day of the month.  That's the bad thing about working in the school system.  We only get paid once a month (last working day of the month).  It's kinda good in that I can get a lot of bills paid out of one check instead of having to save from one week to the next.  We are still basically at the point where we live paycheck-to-paycheck. I hate it, but we are terrible at saving money.  Anyway, I went to the football game Friday night.  The Aggies won big!  While it was a bit strange watching another kid wear #11 jersey, it wasn't so bad.  The Aggie band put on a great half-time show.  Jordie played bass guitar on the sideline...or "the pit" as they refer to it.  Their show is not complete yet.  It takes a couple of games before they add the closer.  It is sure to please.  They are gearing up to go to California at the end of the year for the Tournament of Roses parade.  I wish we were going, but our finances are not to where they can withstand the $1650 per person price tag.  Jordan will have a blast, though.  He's such a good kid.  I'm trying to talk him into trying out for drum major next year, his senior year.  I think he would be awesome.  Justin has begun to put a bug in his ear, also.  Justin also put a bug in Mr. Lindley's (the band director) ear Friday night.  So, we shall see what becomes of it next year.  And now, I will leave you with a video I recorded of the band's show Friday night.  If you look closely on the sideline, you will see my baby playing his 5-string bass.  Enjoy!


jennifer said...

They are incredible!

Sandra said...

Thanks, Jennifer! This was their first show. It only gets better fro here. :D