Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ramblings On A Saturday

I guess it's about time to do a "real" post. Don't get me wrong. The others that I've posted have been real, but it was just a few things that I threw together. I haven't really written anything in a while. I have just had blogger's block. But, I decided to sit down and just start writing and see where it leads. So, here goes...

My sister-in-law threw a wedding shower for Justin and Chelsea. We labeled this one for family members. My friend, Penny, is going to throw one for friends. The shower turned out pretty great. They got some dishes, towels, kitchen knickknacks. I got them a waffle iron (per Justin's request), and a creamer and sugar bowl. They got a few more things that I can't remember right now. Since they didn't have a traditional wedding, Chelsea wanted a wedding cake so that they could freeze the top for their first anniversary. Connie was unable to find a suitable round cake on such short notice, so I came up with an idea. I bought one of those small cakes that the Walmart bakery makes. These are about 3 inches across. It was about $6. Then, I went back to the cake decorating section, back in crafts and found a small topper of a bride and groom. I placed the topper on the cake and put it on display at the shower. Afterward, they were able to take the cake home and freeze it. I think that they both liked it.

Speaking of Chelsea and Justin, things are moving right along. They have decided to move onto her parents' property in a mobile home. They have been painting it and getting it ready. I'm sad that my son is living over there. It takes about an hour to get there. But, I keep telling myself that it is only an hour away. He is still looking for a job, but has had no luck so far. I have committed myself to buying a baby crib for them when I get my next check. (I only get paid once a month!) We are going to get one of those convertible cribs that grow with the baby and eventually turn into a full size bed.

On another subject, I have been painting my laundry room. It was just dingy white. I have begun painting it Sassy Violet. I have decided to turn it into a girlie room, especially since I'm the one that spends the most time in there! Hey, I figured that I should do something to make laundry more fun. With all these males around my house, I deserve at least one girlie room. So far the results have been great. I can't wait until I get it done. I'll post a picture soon.

Chase has been going to football workouts all summer. It won't be too long until football season. Of course, that means that school will be starting back soon. Chase will be a senior this year. :*( Let the stress begin!

Jordan will start band camp next week. We are not sure if he will be playing saxophone or bass guitar. Of course, he will play bass guitar in the show choir again, but that won't start until after the first of the year. It will be interesting to see what our marching band show will be this year. It is always awesome, as well as the show choir show. Our high school is getting a complete renovation/rebuilding done. Both the band and the show choir will be housed in our new fine arts center. It's been a long time coming. These 2 award-winning programs deserve the best.

Things will begin getting hectic for me with the starting of school. I will be doing the bookkeeping for 2 separate schools this year because our massive school has split into 2 separate entities. The only difference for me will be separating everything and doing things twice. I'm up for the challenge. I have to work out a routine to stay on track with everything. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Well, I'm off to go check Facebook now. Someone beat me at Typing Maniac this morning, and I am trying to regain my title. So, now it's time for you to show some love and leave me a comment to let me know you were here. I'll return the favor. Have a blessed day!


bettyl said...


We all have our purposes here on the Earth and it looks like the kids are getting on with their part. It will all work out.

Blushing hostess said...

Good quick thinking on the cake, I am proud of you! Be well, The Hostess

Brandy said...

I know I don't know you personally, but I've been keeping up with Justin and Chelsea's story and thought I'd offer you some baby stuff. My youngest is now 13 months old and doesn't use a lot of her stuff any more.

I have a Winnie the Pooh swing, an Exersaucer, a infant car seat (although I don't have the base for it because I never used it for a car seat but rather for a "punkin seat" in the house. I also have a boppy nursing pillow and a Medela breast pump.

I would be happy to pass this stuff along, if you're interested.

I know some new mothers are only interested in having all new, all matching stuff so I completely understand if they're not interested, but maybe you could use it at your house for when the baby comes to visit?

Of course, Chelsea would be using the pillow and the pump, but I also understand if she'd prefer to have a new one as well.

Just a thought. Best wishes.


Jeanette said...

I know we've just "met", but I'm truly aniticipating your grandchild's birth. Thanks for sharing with us!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Your kids sound so talented. Can't wait to see photos of the 'girlie room'. : )