Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Service" Stations: A Thing of the Past?

Call me lazy, but I HATE to stop to get gas.  I will run my gas hand as close to that little "E" that I can.  I just hate to have to stop, go in and pay, go back out and pump it.  It's such a hassle.  And, since I rarely have any money in the bank, I can't just swipe my debit card, and go for it. 

Gone are the days when you could simply drive up to the pump, a guy would come out, ask how much, pump it for you, and you would just pay him.  If you needed change, he would reach into his pocket and pull out a big roll of money, and make change right then and there.  And, if you needed it, he would check your oil, and clean your no extra charge!  I remember those days.  I wish that the gas stations of today would go back to the "service" stations of yesterday.

Today I decided to go visit my mom and dad, since it's been awhile.  When I headed out to go there, I realized that I really should stop and get gas.  There were no gas stations on the road that I took to get there, and I would have to go out of my way just to fuel up.  Plus, I really had to pee, and I just wanted to get to my parents' house.  So, I drove slowly, not pressing the gas pedal very hard, in an effort to conserve what little gas was left in the bottom of the tank.  Heck!  I probably drove down there on fumes!  I made it.  I had a nice visit with them.  When I got ready to leave, I remembered that I still needed to get gas as soon as possible.  Then my dad said, "If you'll go over to William's, they'll pump it for you.  You might have to pay a penny more per gallon."  I told him that I would gladly pay a penny more a gallon just to not have to get out in the cold and pump gas!  So, I left there, still taking it easy so that I could make it to this "Williams".  I pulled up to the pump, and looked around at another vehicle already there to see if the guy standing there was actually pumping gas for that person.  He was.  And, even though the sign on top of the pump said "this pump self service," he left his post at the other vehicle, and came over and asked me how much.  He got the pump started, headed back over to the other vehicle to finish theirs up, and another man came out to finish mine.  He came up to the window.  I paid him.  He took out his roll of cash, gave me change, and made a friendly comment about the weather.  I drove out of there so happy that I didn't have to get out and do all that and wishing that there were more of these "service" stations around.  You just can't beat good service.


bettyl said...

How awesome that you got such service in this day and age! Here in NZ, many places have employees that will pump it for you, but you still have to go in to's close, but no cigar.

Mike Golch said...

Yep,we need that kind of thing again!way back when,you got you gas pumped winshield cleaned and a check under the hood. all for a (sigh)35 cents a gallion.

Sande said...

SHE'S HERE. I've definitely been gone too long. Congratulations!!!