Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm On My Soapbox Today...Wanna Join Me?

Today I was flipping through the numerous amount of cable channels to which I am subscribed in an effort to find something that would spark my interest enough to sit there and watch it.

Actually I was just flipping through my "favorites" list. We subscribe to one of the big packages offered by our cable company. In addition to the package, we also have the HD tier, and one of the premium movie tiers (STARZ & Showtime). Needless to say, there are A LOT of channels. Of course I have my "favorites list". Most of the channels on my favorites list are home decorating channels (HGTV, DIY, STYLE, etc.). I also have a few of the music video channels on there. I like these shows because I rarely have enough time to sit and make the commitment to watch an hour show or a 1 1/2 --2 hour movie. These are rare treats for me. I just DVR any that I think I will watch, and then I will watch these as I have time (and sometimes in small segments at a time until finished).

One of the channels on my favorites list is GMC (Gospel Music Channel). They play all sorts of uplifting videos. They also showcase different gospel artists and tell about their lives on tour and such. I enjoy this kind of stuff. Well, today they let me down. As I was flipping through the channels, I stopped at GMC. Do you know what they were showing? Karate Kid II!!!!!!!!!!!!! This got on my last nerve! Here I have probably 50 channels devoted to showing nothing but movies 24/7, and now I have to put up with a MUSIC channel showing a KARATE movie? What does this possibly have to do with gospel music?!! Can someone tell me this?!! If I wanted to watch The Karate Kid II, or any other MOVIE for that matter, I DEFINITELY would NOT have thought, "Let's turn it to the Gospel Music Channel and see what random movie they have on right now." NO! I would have checked Showtime, Cinemax, Showtime On Demand, (insert movie channel here) On Demand, TNT, PPV, etc., but NOT GMC!! WHY?!! WHY do they do this?!! This is NOT the first time either. OH! NO! MTV was once an innocent little movie video channel. (I know because I remember when it first began.) It was nothing but music videos 24/7. My friends and I would sit and watch that for hours. Do you know what MTV is now? It's certainly NOT a video music channel. It is everything BUT videos. (And the MTV franchise has gotten a little carried away with the way it conducts itself, too--but THAT'S another blog post.) I much prefer VH1, but it has gone the way of programming everything BUT videos. To see videos on MTV or VH1, you have to go to their other stations (MTV2, VH1 Classic, etc.) And now my favorite Gospel Music Channel has followed suit. Oh friend, it is a sad day in the Rowell household today. (At least as far as I am concerned.) So, I just had to take this moment and vent a little. Does anyone else feel the same way I do...or am I just hormonal today? Better yet, do you have something you want to get off your chest? Leave them in the comments. You'll feel much better! I do!


Anonymous said...

Whew! Preach it sister! I remember when MTV was MUSIC Television. And then slowly, things began to change. Now, it's a reality TV station. Then they created MTV2 - which was supposed to be just music. But slowly IT started to change, too. Now, it too, shows reality television. VH1? Same thing...reality TV.

Don't get me wrong. I love me some reality TV. Hell's Kitchen is a family favorite. But do we really need reality TV on EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL?

I think not.

Sandra said...

AMEN! What's it gonna take to get them to leave those music video channels alone!

Sue said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! CMT up here in Canada has gone downhill so much in the last year. If it's not stupid movies that have nothing to do with country music, they're playing rerun videos - over and over and over again the same programs with no new content. Is this all part of the stations "saving money"? They are totally losing viewers by not being true to what they started!

I feel with ya Sista! ;-)