Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Justin & Chelsea Update: Relieved & Frustrated

Justin got a job today!! Yay!! I'm so relieved...at least as far as THAT goes. I used a bit of networking and found out that this company was hiring. Justin applied last Thursday. About an hour later, they called him to set up an interview for the next day. Today they called him and asked him to come at 1:45 p.m. He went for a drug test, and he starts work in the morning.

Justin has been feeling the heat from Chelsea's parents about getting a job. So, I took off work one day last week and helped him look for a job. (Hey, he hasn't ever really had to do this, so I thought I would show him the process.) Anyway, it seems that these days most applications are via Internet. We didn't have much luck, so I threw it out there on Facebook. I set my status to say something like, "Justin has been looking for a job. If anyone has any leads, please message me." Later that night, a girl that I had gone to high school with pointed us in the right direction to the company that she works for. Thank you, Facebook!! (And most importantly, thank you Amanda!)

Now, I must digress a bit. Going back to Chelsea's parents...after we got this job lead, they came up with the following idea. They found a double-wide mobile home that they could move onto their land, and Justin & Chelsea could pay for that rather than renting (throwing their money away) or living on government assistance. They could possibly get Justin a job where Chelsea's aunt and uncle live, and her grandmother could babysit for $100 a week. WHAT?!!! One hundred dollars a week is pretty steep to me...especially for a grandmother! That was a crazy idea if I ever heard one. Plus, Chelsea's parents live about an hour away, and I don't really want them that far away. If they could find a midway point, it would be better. It just seems to us that they are dictating how things are gonna be. And, they did this AFTER Justin possibly had a job?! I'm sorry, I'm a little frustrated. I mean, I CAN see their point of view. They think they are helping out...and they are...to a point. But, could they not have come up with this before he had already decided to get a job around our home? But, right now he has this job, so I don't know how that is gonna affect things. Justin doesn't want to live down there, but I know Chelsea does. So, I am hoping and praying that this situation will work out to whatever is best for everyone. Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers that this WHOLE situation will be resolved soon.


thehorizontalyoyo said...

Congratulations to Justin on the new job. I am getting reminded about how hard it is when you're young - both with your story and my now, 18 yr old SIL. She had a baby in December, is single, and yoyoing between home and goodness-only-knows-where.

What scares me most is that I have two kids of my own - who are going to grow up (no matter how badly I want to keep them little). I only *pray* that avoid some of the harder heartaches that their mama and daddy have experienced.

We don't want our kids to suffer if we can help it, do we?

Now...where is that bubble? I would like to put my kids in it, please. LOL

Loren Christie said...

It sounds like the parents are trying to control the relationship. I guess they haven't adjusted to the fact that their daughter is now an adult. There's a fine line between helping and controling, and I guess it's hard sometimes for parents to see their actions from another point of view. Well, I'm so glad your son got a good job. In my family, we always help each other get jobs. It's the right thing to do. I really hope that your son and his girlfriend are able to resist the pressure of being controlled without damaging relationships. You are such a sweet person with a good heart, and your feelings are completely justified. Of course you are in my prayers and thoughts. :) -Loren

Lisa said...

I'm proud Justin got a job!! The main thing is for Justin and Chelsea to be on the same page concerning jobs, where to live, etc. If they are, things will fall into place for them. Try not to worry (too much!). I know you'll worry some!! That's what mothers do!

Sandra said...

Thanks for everyone's kind words and input. I'm glad to hear that I'm not being selfish. I'm just ready for this all to be settled. I am not good with turmoil! I have decided to leave it up to Justin & Chelsea to make the decision of what they think is best for them. I just worry. I want everything to work out the best for everyone involved.

Sue said...

Great news about Justin's job :-) That is so cool how Facebook helped!

Sorry that Chelsea's parents are "helping" in a not-so positive way. I guess it's hard for some parents to let their little girl's go. Hope that God works this all out for everyone!