Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Homecoming Parade

So, you probably know that one of my sons, Jordan, plays bass guitar in the high school marching band. (I might have mentioned it a time or two!)  Well, during the parade, there is no need for the bass guitars.  Who wants to push that huge amp all over town?!  So, Jordan's backup instrument is the alto sax.  Most of the band members have to wear white gloves.  Since Jordan plays bass, he has no need of white gloves...until he is going to play saxophone in the parade!  So, he and I take off after school today to the only place in our podunk town that I know carries white band gloves (or white gloves of any kind, for that matter!).  It turns out, they are closed on Thursdays.  We tried one of the local tuxedo rental stores.  No dice.  So, we just about decided to just let him explain to the band director that he has no white gloves since he doesn't use them anymore.  So be it.  But, I had one more hat trick that I wanted to try. 


Here's what I posted:  "HELP!!!! Does anyone know where to get white band gloves besides B&C Music?!!! They are closed today. :( "

To which came the reply from a co-worker friend: "I don't know about band gloves but I was just in Wal-Green's in the halloween stuff and they had black gloves and white gloves."


I headed straight to Walgreens, which is only about 3 minutes from my house.  Made my way to the Halloween section and desparately started searching for white gloves.  After a few minutes, I spotted the black gloves, looked hanging behind them, and lo and behold, there were the coveted white gloves that Jordan needed.  Who cares that they were Dracula gloves?!  They were white.  They would serve the purpose.  And, they were only $2.99!  I snagged those babies right up, paid for them, and took them home to Jordan.

Jordan put them on his massive hands only to realize that they barely fit over his hand.  The bottoms of the fingers came up to his knuckles, but they would do.  I carried him to meet up with the rest of the band.

So, when the band came by during the parade, I looked and looked for Jordan wielding his saxophone.  I couldn't find him!  Well, we have over 200 in our band, so I decided that I must have just missed him.  But then, there on the back row, he came walking by, no saxophone, just walking.  But, he had on those Dracula gloves...or so I thought.

This is the sweet part.  There is another bass player in the band.  He's a short, scrawny little fellow; one grade ahead of Jordan.  He doesn't really look like a bass guitar player, whatever one is supposed to look like.  After we all got home from the parade, Jordan said that he didn't have a band hat, anymore, so they just had them to walk with the band, no playing saxophone.  He also told me that someone else in the band had an extra pair of "real" band gloves, and they gave them to him to wear.  Well, the other little bass player dude asked Jordan if he had any white gloves.  Jordan told him that he did, and that they would actually probably fit him better anyway.  He also told him that they were Dracula gloves.  To which he replied...


Jordan (in black) & the other dude (with the Dracula gloves)

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bettyl said...

Don't you love it when a plan (or panic) comes together!!